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Maarten Schroder Roos_ In a fast world in which excess rules supreme, Maarten Schröder gets a sense of peace from a pure and simple image.…

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Burning Ego_

Burning Ego_ An observing walk through a forest can leave us feeling free, serene and sheltered at the same time. Trees outlive our lives, symbolize strength and…

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Memento_ Five lines and a circle – the human body can be as simple as the drawing of a five year old. Inspired by the same…

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Exhale_ Exhale skillfully encases a single blow of glass within a rigid metal structure. The metal form restricts the glass by pinching, hooking and spiking…

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Altar table_

Altar table_ Nature – the only immaculate and authentic designer in the world Our world is filled with admirable natural phenomena. From white marble boulders…

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Bellamp_ Akko Goldenbeld discovered a set of weathered airtanks during one of his regular visits to the local metal junkyard. As a musician, he was instantly…

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Floating divan_

Floating divan_ The Floating Divan, by Chiel Kuijl emerged directly from his art installations that refer to the endless networks and systems that we encounter…

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Sublight_ Like a submarine suddenly appearing on the surface of a calm ocean, the Sublight emerged from weathered steel plates Roland de Mul found. Through…

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The LPB_

LPB_ The Love, the Pain, the Beauty arose in a phase in which I was triggered by the paradox between love and sorrow. During the…

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Symbiose_ As with every craft, one needs tools that help change, transform and create. Maurits Büsse crafted his ultimate artist toolkit as an ode to…

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