Altar table_

Every Altar table starts with the careful selection of tree slices as they determine the final design of the tabletop. We merely accentuate natures’ finest work by honoring every detail of the wood and placing them on minimalistic frames. Two massive slices from the same treetrunk are delicately glued together into an open-book concept. This concept adds symmetry and balance to the raw forms and drawings, resulting in a refined organic design. The incorporated construction keeps the tabletop perfectly leveled and still ables the wood to react naturally to environmental conditions such as warmth and moisture. We only use European wood. Oak, plane, elm, and ash fit our surroundings better and deserve to be seen.

The Altar is available in an arched 'Free Flow' version with original chambers and the more subtle lumber ‘Clean Cut’. The table tops have a width between 80-100 cm and a thickness of 3 - 4 cm. The table height is between 75 and 76 cm. The name ‘Altar’ was inspired by the way the tree slice is carried by a fragile metal frame. The matt finish emphasizes the natural linings and ables the wood to even grow more characteristic over the years. For every Altar table you can choose different finishing options.