Shokunin coffee table_

The Shokunin coffee table celebrates the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship. As a reference to the values of Shokunin, the Japanese word for artisan, we treasure the temperament of the wood and the devotion required to create this object. The Shokunin coffee table is made out of a single, hand picked, wood slice. Selected for quality and uniqueness, only sustainable European wood like Oak or Plane is used. We believe that locally grown wood fits our surroundings best and deserves to be seen in our homes.

This table is characterized by simple lines, organic forms and a timeless aesthetic. The design is close to the ground, it reminds us of the tables in classic Japanese homes. The Shokunin coffee table comes in three iterations: antique, natural and burned.


Table height:        20 cm
Material:              European wood
Dimensions:         Made to measure 
Design year:         2020
Prices:                  Starting at € 2.400,-