Burning Ego_

Trees outlive our lives, symbolize strength and fortitude, and are the epitome of connection with their network of offshoots. Despite their peculiar beauty, offshoots are often discarded after other parts of the tree are manufactured into new forms. By doing so, the dignity of the offshoots is wasted. Stubbornly yet controlled, the branches reach out for sunlight and bring life into a tree. The Burning Ego serves as an ode to the often neglected essence of the bough and its relationship with light and life. To accentuate the beautiful and muscular forms of the bough, the Shou Sugi Ban technique is applied. This ancient woodworking technique from Japan burns away the soft parts of the wood. By letting the LED follow the original form of the bough and using minimalistic suspension, the Burning Ego floats powerfully through mid air.
The Burning Ego is created in close collaboration with landscape architect Wim Verzantvoort.

Designers:              Wim Verzantvoort
Materials:               Burned Oak wood
Features:                 Dimmable LED driver
Prices:                     < 220 cm: € 4.200,-
                                < 300 cm: € 4.900,-
                                > 300 cm: on request