Coco de mer table_

Coco de Mer is famous for its unusual, erotic shape. The nut has been a mystery for many years; in the past it was believed that the nut grew on the bottom of the ocean. It is sometimes referred to as ‘beautiful rump’, its curvature resembling a bodily form. When the core of the nut is exposed, it’s distinguishing brown colour and glistening round shapes appear.

The origin of the nut inspired the design of the Coco de Mer table. A table that is defined by its smooth edges and deep brown tone. The curved shapes bring a softness and warmth to the design. The Coco de mer table is made out of caramelized bamboo. Caramelization brings out the sugars in the bamboo which naturally creates the darkness of the table’s brown shade. The soft touch and polished surface are a result of this process too. The Coco de Mer table arrives in three iterations: a triangle, oval and rectangular version

Material:            Caramelized bamboo
Design year:       2021
Price:                 On request