Exhale skillfully encases a single blow of glass within a rigid metal structure. The metal form restricts the glass by pinching, hooking and spiking into the volume during the blowing process, capturing a tense play between the constricting and billowing materials. The entire fixture catches one breath.
Due to the delicate art of glassblowing with crystal, the environmental conditions determine the final form of each Exhale light. The temperature and humidity of the room, as well as the mental and physical state of the glassblower, have an effect on the shape and size. The Exhale exclusively available at Wdstck.

Designers:                     Catie Newell / Wes McGee
Versions:                       Pendant / standing             
Dimensions:                  Diameter 30 cm
Materials:                      Crystal glass / stainless steel
Price standing:             € 1.100,-
Price pendant:              € 1.100,-