Exploring antique markets, we got intrigued by a series of old factory chairs. They were made and designed solely for their function and retained their quality up until today. Ironically these chairs were used in the same factories that ultimately destroyed the values of craftsmanship and durability in the course of mass production. This inspired us to design a modern factory chair as an ode to authentic artistry.
Kodak is named after the company that made analog photography into a form of art. For a long time, Kodak dominated the photography market with its progressive technology and marketing. By the late 1990, it had to fight bankruptcy due to its slow transition towards digitalization.

Designers:                 Jesse Sanderson
Materials:                  Nubuck leather / steel
Seat height:               47 cm
Features:                   Rotatable
Dimensions:              51 x 55 x 87 cm
Prices:                       € 1.200,-