LOG table_

Living for centuries, trees embody a remarkable history. Sometimes, when they die naturally, they stand tall rather than toppling down. Retaining intact through time, they come to resemble fossils. The boughs that once fell off the trees become captivating in a unique way. Weathered by rainstorms, little insects and the ravages of time their appearance is altered.

The LOG table presents a unique sculpture of aged acacia boughs. The shape of the weathered branches influence the complete design as the movement of the boughs is left unaltered. They mesh organically with the table top. In this way the branch carries the table as if it was always meant to do so. Only the boughs that fell off the upper part of the tree are used because of their exceptional strength and original forms. The specific composition of the table changes every time. Therefore each LOG table is one of a kind. The LOG table is available in two editions: burned European wood and natural wood.

Designers:           Jesse Sanderson
Material:             Sustainable European wood
Editions:             Burned / natural wood
Dimensions:        Made to measure 
Design year:        2021
Prices:                 on request