Memento barstool_

Five lines and a circle – the human body can be as simple as the drawing of a five-year-old. Inspired by the same simplicity, the Memento was designed; A chair in its purest form with two leather rectangles on a steel lining. The leather is attached with straps and buckles, for switching the leather and the steel frame as you please. The thick saddle leather is ecologically tanned to accentuate the life that wore it as its skin. The scars and insect bites from the life in Transylvania are visible in the leather. By using the Memento chair, the leather becomes even more beautiful over time.

Seat height:           Barstool 70 cm
Frame:                   Bare steel, Matt black, Brass
Measurements:     Barstool: w 43 x d 50 x h 105 cm                              
                              Seating height: 70 cm
Price barstool:      Starting at € 740,-