This imposing creature with its enormous head and lips makes you wonder: ‘What if a majestic moose lays in total surrender, with her head hanging heavy and low? What makes some of us want to conquer and others want to admire?’
With its resting legs, bend and stretched, the limp neck, the large head, closed eyes and hanging lips, it remains free of endeavour. Between presence and absence, it takes the space in the world nonetheless.
'On the Other Side' is co-created with Miriam Knibbeler. In her work, Miriam examines the space between soulless and soulful, banality and mystery. In the definability of her sculptures, she tries to find the undefinable. This way she questions the mystery of life and death.


Designers:               Miriam Knibbeler
Dimensions:            68 x 55 x 41 cm
Materials:                Bronze
Limited series:        3 copies
Price:                      On request