Jesse Sanderson's curiosity for the lifecycle of trees inspired him to include aged acacia boughs in his work. The ideal bough is one that has aged perfectly, presenting a raw natural form while evoking a specific creature-like feeling. Having lost their excess skin over the years, only the heart of the bought is left behind. This is a core that reveals peculiar grooves, cracks and bulges. Ultimately, the boughs seem to come alive. The sinewy shapes and sharp angles remind us of the human body. Scarred by life each branch carries its own story of how they changed over time with every passing season.

Over the years Sanderson has carefully selected old branches of acacia wood. They inspired the design of the Treebone table. A table that at first appears simple and elegant by the use of warm but sober materials, comes to life as soon as you notice its vivacious bronze legs. Legs that form a playful pattern of different lines and dimensions each time you look at them from a different angle, leaving the design with anthropomorphic features. Although the two branches appear to be asymmetric, they actually show full symmetry when you stand directly in front of the table. The branches used have been cast in bronze immortalizing their lifelike contortions and story. The Treebone table arrives in two iterations: a round and a rectangular version and will be released in a limited run of eight. Treebone presents an outspoken visual ensemble for contemporary living that combines nature and modernity.


Materials:           Bronze and Caramelized Bamboo
Design year:       2021
Price:                 On request